Feeling Words

When you first start therapy, especially when you are in therapy with your spouse, it helps to be able to express your feelings. Sometimes the words just don't come.  Here is a list of feeling words sorted into "When Needs Are Not Being Met" and "When Needs Are Being Met". In therapy it is important to express your feelings, and not to judge them, so that you can better explain and understand your experience.

Feeling Words -


Hostile Animosity, Antagonistic, Appalled, Aversion, Cold, Contempt, Disgusted, Dislike, Distain, Hate, Horrified, Repulsed, Scorn, Surly, Vengeful, Vindictive

Angry, Enraged, Furious, Incensed, Indignant, Irate, Livid, Mad, Outraged, Resentful, Ticked off

Annoyed, Aggravated, Bitter, Cranky, Cross, Dismayed, Disgruntled, Displeased, Exasperated, Frustrated, Grouchy, Impatient, Irked, Irritated, Miffed, Peeved, Resentful, Sullen, Uptight

Upset, Agitated, Alarmed, Discombobulated, Disconcerted, Disturbed, Disquieted, Perturbed, Rattled, Restless, Troubled, Turbulent, Turmoil, Uncomfortable, Uneasy, Unnerved, Unsettled

Tense, Antsy, Anxious, Bitter, Distressed, Distraught, Edgy, Fidgety, Frazzled, Irritable, Jittery, Nervous, Overwhelmed, Pressured, Restless, Stressed out, Uneasy

Afraid, Apprehensive, Concerned, Dread, Fearful, Foreboding, Frightened, Hesitant, Mistrustful, Panicked, Petrified, Scared, Suspicious, Terrified, Timid, Trepidation, Unnerved, Wary, Worried, Reserved, Sensitive, Shaky, Unsteady

Vulnerable, Cautious, Fragile, Guarded, Helpless, Insecure, Helpless, Leery, Reluctant

Ambivalent, Baffled, Bewildered, Dazed, Flustered, Hesitant, Lost, Mystified, Perplexed, Puzzled, Skeptical, Torn

Embarrassed, Ashamed, Chagrined, Contrite, Guilty, Disgraced, Humiliated, Mortified, Remorse, Regretful, Self-conscious

Envious, Jealous, Nostalgic, Pining, Wistful, Yearning

Tired, Beat, Burned out, Depleted, Exhausted, Fatigued, Lethargic, Listless, Sleepy, Weary, Worn out

Disconnected, Alienated, Aloof, Apathetic, Bored, Cold, Detached, Disengaged, Disinterested, Distant, Distracted, Indifferent, Lethargic, Listless, Lonely, Numb, Removed, Uninterested, Withdrawn

Sad, Blue, Depressed, Dejected, Despair, Despondent, Disappointed, Discouraged, Disheartened, Downcast, Downhearted, Forlorn, Gloomy, Grief, Heavy hearted, Hopeless, Melancholy, Sorrow, Unhappy

Shocked, Appalled, Disbelief, Dismay, Horrified, Mystified, Startled, Surprised

Pain, Agony, Anguished, Bereaved, Devastated, Heartbroken, Hurt, Miserable, Wretched


Exhilarated, Ecstatic, Elated, Enthralled, Exuberant, Giddy, Silly, Slap-happy

Excited, Alive, Amazed, Animated, Eager, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Invigorated, Lively, Passionate

Inspired Amazed, Astonished, Awed, Dazzled, Radiant, Rapturous, Surprised, Thrilled, Uplifted, Wonder

Joyful, Amused, Buoyant, Delighted, Elated, Ecstatic, Glad, Gleeful, Happy, Jubilant, Merry, Mirthful, Overjoyed, Pleased, Radiant, Tickled

Relaxed, At ease, Carefree, Comfortable, Open

Curious, Adventurous, Alert, Interested, Intrigued, Inquisitive, Fascinated, Spellbound, Stimulated

Confident, Empowered, Proud, Safe, Secure, Self-assured, Confused

Engaged, Absorbed, Alert, Ardent, Curious, Engrossed, Enchanted, Entranced, Involved

Hopeful, Expectant, Encouraged, Optimistic, Longing

Grateful, Appreciative, Moved, Thankful, Touched

Refreshed, Enlivened, Rejuvenated, Renewed, Rested, Restored, Revived, Energetic

Affectionate, Closeness, Compassionate, Friendly, Loving, Openhearted, Sympathetic, Tender, Trusting, Warm

Peaceful, Blissful, Calm, Centered, Clear headed, Mellow, Quiet, Serene, Tranquil

Relieved, Complacent, Composed, Cool, Trusting

Content, Glad, Cheerful, Fulfilled, Satisfied

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