Videos for Couples

 John Gottman is the founder of the Gottman Institute. He is a researcher and the author of several books on marriage. He also has his own technique for couple therapy. 

The Importance of Trust

How to Build Trust

How to Make Relationships Work  

Criticism and Contempt and the Antidote

Sue Johnson has done research and written books and workbooks on relationship therapy and is best known in the field as the creator of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. Here are a couple of excerpts of talks she has done on the following subjects. 

 How Can You Tell Your Relationship is in Trouble?

What is a Healthy Marriage? 

The Laws of Love

How to Love Intelligently

Harville Hendrix was made famous through Opra Winfrey when she discovered his book, "Getting the Love You Want", which helped make relationship theory understandable to the general public. His ImagoRelationships approach has been widely and successfully used by many couple therapists. Here are some excerpts where he talks about his theory and one clip of a famous client talking about her experience.

The Discovery of Otherness

Why Do Couples Fight?

Alanis Morisette Talks About Imago

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