What Are the Issues Addressed During Couples Counseling with Sally Kennedy for Infidelity?

Trust is fundamental to the health of any romantic relationship. When you decide to date one person exclusively or even marry them, you proclaim your unwavering belief in their loyalty and commitment. Sadly, not all of those promises to remain faithful are fulfilled.

For one reason or another, a person in a committed relationship may decide to cheat and cause significant emotional harm to their partner in the process. While many couples separate following an instance of infidelity, others may try to make things work. Couples counseling can prove immensely helpful to those who attempt to continue the relationship.

We discuss several issues during couples counseling sessions at my Indianapolis office or online for Indiana residents.

One thing we might talk about is why someone chose infidelity. It’s important to understand the motivation behind the cheating so the parties involved can contextualize what happened. Whether the people involved stay together or separate, knowing the contributing factors to the cheating can help with their relationships moving forward.

Couples counseling can also help the person cheated on come to grips with what happened. The initial revelation of infidelity can be destabilizing, and they may need support sorting out their thoughts and emotions.

How the counseling sessions evolve will depend on the couple. They can seek counseling to rebuild trust or see other available resolutions. Counseling is a form of personalized treatment that helps individuals identify the resolutions that suit them best. The counselor’s role is to help individuals navigate this challenging episode.

What Are the Qualities to Look for in a Couples Therapist?

Once you and your partner have decided to try couples counseling, your priority should be finding the right therapist. To find the right therapist, you should search for someone who can be objective. They must be able to assess your relationship from a neutral perspective and provide feedback based on that.

Versatility is also an important quality for a couples therapist. Standard counseling approaches may not work for you or your partner. It would be helpful to have a therapist who can adjust their approach based on you or your partner’s comfort level. At my practice, I use Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) to help couples escape cyclical arguments. I also use Imago Relationship Therapy and Object Relations Couples Therapy.

Of course, your couples therapist should be available as much as possible. Ideally, they should offer telehealth services so you can seek counseling when coming into the office is challenging.

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